Saturday, 31 December 2016


After yesterday’s frost it was much milder this morning.  However more cold weather Is forecast so we decided to top up the water tank. We reversed Waiouru back to the services at Cambrian Wharf.  This must be one of the slowest taps on the network.  The tank was half full and it still took 90 minutes to fill.

Two CRT employees arrived with empty rubbish bins.  We promptly started to fill them!  I then suggested they go and find something more interesting to do.  That’s when they informed me there was a “water issue” and I should have noticed the water level was down five inches. This is a very big pound which means a five inch drop is a huge volume of water.  They then told me the pumps were “out of action” and they were off to find some water.  Apparently the problem has been created by unseasonal lack of rain (or snow?).  We offered to assist by leaving the tap running upon our departure.


A lovely blue sky but by early afternoon the top of the BT Tower had disappeared behind low cloud.


With New Year just around the corner I decided to check on this year’s resolution.  Lose 10kg…. only 15kg to go.  It’s going to be tight!


Quaysider said...

Happy New Year to you and Jan - I hope she's making good use of all those wonderful "tool related" presents you've bought her over the year!

Good luck with the diet - I suggest drinking a pint or so of canal water to give you a head start ;-)

All the best, Mark & Andy

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mark

I hadn't thought of the canal water trick. There are probably sufficient chemicals in it to completely clean my internal pipework!
Enjoying reading about your fitout!