Monday, 5 December 2016

Quiet day

Our second day staying on the boat in the warmth of the cabin with me trying to shake off the more serious man flu whilst Jan gets over the normal flu!

Despite feeling miserable one task was completed.  The Garmin GPS was again disassembled so I could look for the reason why the touch screen wasn’t working.  Disassembling it for the second time proved to be a much quicker operation.  It didn’t take much to see the problem was an unconnected ribbon cable between the screen and the printed circuit board.

ribbonThe terminal connection is so small that my eyesight wasn’t up to seeing how the connection was made.  A magnifying glass assisted and I eventually realised the end of the ribbon slid under the tiny black flap.  I initially tried to open the flap using the end of a jewellers screwdriver before realising it was already open.  To get the cable back into the terminal and close the flap I needed my fist and second hands to hold the case open whilst my third and fourth hands positioned the ribbon cable and closed the securing flap (yes, Jan helped me!)

For some reason I had a clever idea and decided to test the gps worked before reassembling it.


Good news….. the touch screen now works and the Nuvi found the satellites.  It was then reassembled and tested as second time. 

I must admit that halfway through this operation I was starting to think Jan was right with her comment “Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more money and buy a new one!”

The dreaded sound of strimmers (whipper-snipper) and motor mowers were heard in the afternoon.  Surely CRT wouldn’t be cutting the towpath grass?  No it was council workers.  Actually they probably weren’t council workers as the council probably wouldn’t pay staff to cut grass on a Sunday.  Eventually I noticed one walker standing with his back to the boat and on his Hi-Viz vest was “SUPERVISOR”.  These would be “Community Payback” people.  In NZ it’s called called ‘periodic detention’.  

These guys were so slow at cutting the grass I doubt they will get employment with Fountains!


Jenny said...

Get Well Soon - both of you!!!
Luckily Jan's flu isn't as bad as yours, (as you say) so that she can leave the sick bed and lovingly tend to you, as a good wife should.
Hope you are both feeling better very soon.
Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

Tom and Jan said...

Jenny it's times like this that you miss the germ free air in Waiouru! :-)