Friday, 9 December 2016

On the mend

Two old boaters moor at Branston and are having a few ales in the Boathouse.  One says “Do you know lions have sex 5 to 8 times a day”  “Dammit” says his friend “and I just joined Rotary!”

We must be over the worst of this head and chest cold as last night we turned off the Lockgate stove before bed.  There’s been much less coughing and sneezing today and we even managed to get off the boat for supplies at Aldi.  However we returned to the warmth of the cabin reasonably promptly in an effort to ensure the health situation doesn’t reverse.

Two boats passed by today; one in each direction.  Neither stopped to moor so we’re still on our own. 

Although you can’t tell it from the photos, it was after dusk when I went for an early evening local walk.


Hummm… with a sky that colour tomorrow should be a good day!


It was actually almost dark when I took the above photo.  The camera lens does a great job of capturing the ambient light.

I fiddled with the settings on this next photo in an effort to reproduce the light as it was.  However it’s still too light.



Ade said...

Tom, Karen & I laughed at he! As we say down yer in Zummerzet.
Glad to here you are both on the mend. Grand photos too full of atmosphere.
Thanks for sharing

Judith Emery said...

Glad to hear your both on the mend. Loved the joke had a titter to myself. Also love the photos, nice and sharp. We like the moorings there at Windmill End.
Judith nb Serena.