Thursday, 8 December 2016

Gradual return to normal life

Yesterday was (hopefully) the toughest.  Both of us headed back to bed around noon in an effort to shake off this nasty cold.  Jan made chicken and left over veg soup for dinner Monday night and we didn’t cook anything yesterday.  This morning Jan woke me just before 9am and I think I’m feeling a little better.  Poor Jan is still coughing and sneezing, although perhaps not as much.

We left the stove running overnight (set just below 1 on the scale) and I actually felt too hot during the night.  The stove is now back on 1 and the cabin temperature is 24°C. 

Now the Garmin Nuvi gps is working I’ve been looking at updated maps.  Of course I don’t want to purchase them and have gone back to a previously found website for the most recent set of UK maps from Talkytoaster <link here>.  I’ve also found another source of free Garmin maps for Australia <link here>.  The latter website only provides the maps as individual tiles in IMG format.  However I managed to combine the 16 tiles that make up Australia into one map and install them into Garmin Mapsource on the laptop using MapsetToolkit.   The map could then be transferred from Mapsource to the Nuvi.  If you want to know how to directly upload a map into a Garmin gps then this link <here> explains how to do that.  I prefer to load maps onto the laptop where I can examine them before transferring them across to the gps.

We are back to being moored on our own at Bumblehole.  The two other boats departed this morning……. do they know something we don’t? 

Oh, I went back into the engine bay yesterday morning to check whether we had continuity to the 240V heater element in the calorifier.  The hamstrings and neck promptly complained, reminding me they had previously suffered doing the same task two days earlier.  Pushing that little black button appears to have solved the issue, so I reassembled everything.  We rarely use the 240V immersion heater because it’s not very often we are on shore power.  Actually the last time would have been six months ago in Sheffield.

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