Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Delayed post

Today’s blog post has been delayed due to the laptop being very busy.  We have a new addition to our Blue Ray library.  The last Star Wars film.


The problem with disks is unless you have an expensive multi-disk player, it’s a case of continuously exchanging disks.  I’m also slightly worried that having purchased the expensive disk, it might get damaged.  My solution is to make a copy of the disk and then store it in a cool, dark and safe place.  That way it’s only the copy likely to get damaged.  The disk is in 3D format so I used the program PavTube to copy it.  The problem is the laptop only has an Intel i5 processor and the copy process took almost 10 hours.  Hence the delay in writing the post.


The last step was to check if the copying worked.


It’s 3D and has been converted to SBS (side by side) format.  The laptop isn’t 3D capable which is why there are two images.  If it was a 3D screen the images would be slightly overlapped and the 3D perspective would be apparent when viewed with 3D spectacles. What we will do is stream the copy from a hard drive to a 3D capable TV.  Now I have to make a 2D copy.  Another 10 hours of not having a laptop.

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