Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Boo hoo

Des the ITV weatherman didn’t tell us the truth last night.  Today was supposed to be better than yesterday.  Instead we’ve had a cold and rainy day.

These photos are from yesterday.


There are only two visiting boats here and we are on the secure side behind a locked gate.  The CRT facilities are on the opposite side of the canal.


The swing bridge across the canal has been opened because the Dudley Canal Trust attraction was closed for a private function.  I hadn’t realised that when I left Waiouru with the rubbish yesterday afternoon.  I never made it to the bin!  Not because the bridge was open, but rather I took a tumble on the mould covered bridge to the left in the above photo.  The soles of the boots are hard rubber and they slipped on the slimy bricks.  I managed to turn to the left during the fall landing on my left buttock and shoulder.  Plenty of fat there to absorb the impact.

In between showers a boat arrived today.  It winded and used the services before departing approximately an hour later.  Both of us had an urge to do some cleaning and maintenance today.  However we managed to get rid of the urge by forcing ourselves to recline back in our swivel chairs.  There’s always tomorrow.  Dinner was Chinese steamed buns washed down with ice cream! Smile

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