Monday, 19 December 2016


There was no blog post yesterday and I should explain why.  Our two backup data drives are almost full and it looked as If we might have to buy a 3rd drive.  Then I discovered that by moving some other data around I could free up a third 2TB drive.  Pleased at having found a solution which didn’t involved spending any money, my plans were then dashed when the 240v powered hard drive docking station wouldn’t work.  We only need the docking station to last another six months and I didn’t want to buy a replacement.   But if we didn’t have a docking station then we wouldn’t be able to update our data backups.  Time to pry the docking station apart.


We don’t have any testing equipment apart from a multimeter.  However sometimes the simple act of pulling something apart can reveal a loose wire.  I had guessed it might be a problem with the ON/OFF switch and did some pushing and prodding before turning the power back on whilst the docking station was in pieces.


It’s working!  Turned the power of and start reassembling.  At each step I paused to turn the power back on to check it still works.  The tricky bit was fitting all the small steel springs whilst simultaneously closing up the case.  The docking station now works, but I think the switch is still defective.  So we will use the docking station but turn it on and off at the wall socket.  By now it was late afternoon and all the data still had to be copied across. 

IMG_1239So I didn’t have a laptop yesterday to write a blog post!

We awoke early this morning and I had to give myself a small pinch just to remind myself how lucky Jan is to have me.  It’s now 45 years to the day since she tricked me into walking down the aisle.  Readers as you will know… every day with me is a honeymoon.  Well it’s been an interesting day.  Jan likes coffee but I hate the smell and taste of the muck.  Yesterday Jan ordered a coffee machine online from the PC World store at Wolverhampton and today I walked the 9km to collect it.  It was a nice day for a walk.  Neither too hot or cold!  What wasn’t nice was being told by PC world they didn’t have one in stock.  I had the online booking number but that didn’t seem to make much difference!  Feeling rather annoyed that the main girl in my life was going to miss out on her anniversary present I walked back to Waiouru feeling grumpy.  Halfway back to the boat I stopped feeling grumpy and started feeling sore.  Blisters!  These things happen when you wear lightweight socks.  I should have taken the bus back, but walking relieves tension.

Once back at Waiouru I examined the soles of my feet.  Both had blisters.  I don’t know why but I decided to check the insoles in my shoes.


Their condition was a revelation.  The tread on the soles of the shoes show little wear and they haven’t been worn much.  These insoles must be of very poor quality!  I’m back to wearing the old boating boats until we can buy replacement insoles for the shoes.

During a late lunch we looked online for an alternative local supplier of the coffee machine Jan had chosen.  PC World in Wednesbury had them in stock.  They were only 7.5km away so Jan again placed an order online and I went off to pay and collect it.  There was an “Oh No” moment when the sales assistant at the shop Collection Point came back without the coffee maker muttering.  He then went somewhere else before return to tell me “Sorry, none in stock!”  Well done PC World, time to spend some money upgrading your online stock control system!  Our kind son is now looking for a machine in Manchester.  Meanwhile, I’m resting my feet!


Halfie said...

All that effort should have earned you enough brownie points to last until your next wedding anniversary! Congratulations to you both.

Ade said...

I hope Jan pinches herself to remind her how lucky Tom is to have her!
I wish Jan happy coffee drinking with many many relaxing hours cup in hand, when her machine lands!
Congratulations on your 45 years.
Is there a significant event in 6 months? Ref. The docking station.

Judith Emery said...

Congratulations to you both. Shame about the coffee machine, we use one when we go home to Wales. Son and daughter-in-law are on their second one which is an automatic one which gives a better cup of coffee. We're off home on Wednesday for the Christmas and new year holiday. Hope you both have a good Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.
Judith and John nb Serena.

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Yes, Jan knows she is one lucky lady! :-)

Our youngest son has bought a coffee maker for his mother so she isn't going to miss out.

Paul and El said...

You should have come back with a 250 g jar of nescafe....There ya go love, sorted.

Tom and Jan said...

Paul you are such a softy. I returned with something for ME!