Tuesday, 29 November 2016

St Andrews

When standing beside our mooring on the embankment at Merry Hill and looking northeast you can see in the distance a woodland covered hillside with a church on the top.  That seemed a good destination for a walk with the possibility of panoramic views from the churchyard.  I should have taken a photo before leaving as it was dark by the time I returned.

st AndrewsChurch on the hill 

The route out followed the canal as far as the far end of the BCN Two Lock Line.  Along the way I stopped to read one of the historical signs.


From there a narrow lane took me up the hill to the churchyard.  There was no view from the top because the summit was surrounded by a ring of trees.


Unlike other walkers, I didn’t see the ghost whilst walking up the hillside. <more info here>

The church is St Peter’s of Netherton (Anglican) and is the most prominent in the area.  It was opened in July 1830.  I found it interesting that the church main entrance is at the opposite end to the driveway.

IMG_1134I assume the driveway was a late addition with most of the early congregation walking to church from the surrounding area.  Apparently Netherton has a significant number of nonconformist churches.  Mostly Baptist or Methodist.  Perhaps some time in the 19th century a significant proportion of the local Black Country population became disillusioned with the mainstream churches?

The route back to Waiouru was a wide arc avoiding the canal whilst attempting to stay on the high ground.


St Andrew’s to the south


The road took me behind the Blowers Green Pumphouse.

It was dark by the time I reached the Waterfront Basin.  Wetherspoons was open and doing some trade but The Brewers Wharf was closed.  Actually The Brewers wharf Is looking rather rundown with peeling paintwork and rotten facia boards.

IMG_1142Brewers Wharf


Halfie said...

Hi Tom, as you say in most of your post the church is St. Andrew's. However, you refer to it as St. Peter's at one point. There is a St. Peter's church in the area, at Darby End which is very near the junction with the Bumblehole Branch. And there's a strong boating connection which you might not have realised: our friend Stephen on NB Chyandour was the vicar of both churches. (There's a photo of him in front of St. Andrew's here: http://www.expressandstar.com/editors-picks/2013/11/21/delight-and-joy-over-women-bishop-move/ .)

Tom and Jan said...

Halfie, you are (of course) correct. I must have St Peter's on the brain having photographed and blogged about it the previous Wednesday. I didn't know about the canal connection!

A Heron's View said...

I thought that red thing was a UFO until I put my glasses on - gulp :-)

A Heron's View said...

I thought that red thingy was a UFO until I put my glasses on :-) !

Tom and Jan said...

No, it's a rainbow! :-)