Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sitting Tight

The “let’s move” plan from yesterday went out the door this morning.  It’s 4°C inside the cratch and outside the rain is being driven against the boat by the wind.  The cabin is full with the sound of creaking fenders and groaning mooring ropes.

After a week of normal usage the water tank is still ¾ full; the galley isn’t empty; and we have just over ¼ tank (95 litres) of diesel left in the engine tank.  With no timetable to meet we can afford to stay another day (or two).

The good news is the laptop keyboard is still working after my repair attempt from two days ago.

We appreciate the comments from those who have completed the Walsall Canal but to be honest I don’t fancy getting stuck on something at this time of the year.  An attempt in summer might be a different story.

Jan has been busy baking a date & walnut cake to replace the apple and banana loaf I finished today.  Dinner tonight is one of her delicious seafood pies.

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Andrew Tidy said...

I have to admit that I wouldn't fancy an extended weedhatch visit at this time of year either!