Monday, 7 November 2016

Patience is a virtue

Unfortunately it’s a virtue I don’t appear to possess.  The day started cold and clear and because I lack patience a start was made on cleaning the cabin carpet. It’s ‘Flotex’ which appears to be more like a suede vinyl.  It’s hard wearing and waterproof.  The idea was to clean it using water and the small sponge pads with the abrasive backing.  We use the pads to clean the dishes. 

Anyway,  the abrasive side of the pad did a good job lifting the dirt, hair, etc.  The sponge side soaked up the dirty water.

P1030501So there we were on hands and knees doing a great job on the carpet when the temperature fell.  Now we needed to work out a method of drying the floor.  The agreed strategy was to light the fire and run the dehumidifier.  We also stopped cleaning.  Just under half the carpet has been done.

With nothing to do inside the boat I decided to go outside and mask, prepare, sand and paint the last section of cabin handrail.  Thirty minutes after I completed the painting it started to rain. Sad smile

At least it wasn’t the final topcoat.  But we’ve run out of Craftmaster Alpha Red paint, which means the masking tape will have to be removed and replaced after we buy the paint.  Did I mention I used the last of the masking tape today! Sad smile

I need to be more patient! 

Lunch today was at The Dog & Doublet.  Tinned carrots, Aunt Bessies frozen roast spuds and Yorkshire puddings all the way from eastern Europe (5/10).

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