Sunday, 20 November 2016

Ocker Hill

We were last here in September 2013.  On that occasion we didn’t stop but this time we’re spending several days at the junction to have a good look around.  Another boater must have the same idea because they came down the Ryders Green Flight and moored in front of us.

P1030557The lady on board the boat told us she didn’t feel comfortable mooring anywhere between Pudding Green Junction and Ocker Hill.  Both boats will stay here the weekend with the idea of safety in numbers.

I walked up to the CRT depot on the junction to check the services (rubbish, elsan, toilet, water & pump out).


What concerned me were the upper floor windows.  Numerous “missile” strikes.  There are no bullet holes but those windows nearest the towpath have been on the receiving end of numerous rocks.  I assume this isn’t the first time its happened as the frames have safety glass in them.


One of the local dog walkers mentioned he was a boater and moored in the Ocker Hill arm.  He invited us to move Waiouru into the arm where we would be closer to the services.  I did walk down and have a look but it appears the moorings beside the services are now occupied by CRT working boats.

P1030560The laptop has been playing up for several months.  It started with the spacebar working intermittently and progressed to the ‘c b n’ keys.   Consequently I’ve been writing some very long sentences.  I thought I’d fixed the problem but it has returned.  Today the laptop was completely disassembled on the back bed.  I placed some paper packing underneath the motherboard as it seemed to have too much flex in it.  All the ribbon cable connectors were firmly pressed home with particular attention paid to the ribbon that runs from the keyboard to the motherboard.  After re-assembling the laptop it didn’t work!  That provided a bit of a fright.  It meant I thought Jan would be getting an expensive laptop for Christmas!   Tried the ON button a second time and it burst into life.  Moreover the key problem has disappeared …….. for the moment.

Another laugh


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