Sunday, 6 November 2016

Leaf Soup

Last night the temperature dropped to a level sufficient enough to force the tree above Waiouru to shed most of its leaves and we awoke to find the boat almost camouflaged.  I spent 10 minutes cleaning them all off only for a light breeze to replace them.  The surface of the canal was a sea of leaves and we spent our time on the move cruising through leaf soup.


The leaves stick to the moving propeller which in turn makes complaining noises, however the occasional burst in reverse temporarily removes them.  In a few weeks  it won’t be an issue as they will have all sunk to the bottom of the canal.

You may recall me recently mentioning the new diesel stove flue.


Prior to cruising this morning I turned up the stove and removed the extension pieces with the intention of keeping the stove lit whilst we were on the move.


This certainly avoided the flue being knocked off by low bridges, etc.  However the stove is more efficient with the longer flue.

We stopped at Peel Wharf CRT services to dispose of our rubbish and top up the water tank.  A right turn at Fazeley Junction saw us heading south passing Fazeley Mill Marina and Drayton Manor Theme Park.  Shortly thereafter we passed under the unusual Drayton Turret Footbridge.

P1030500    P1030498

The bridge was built in the early 19th century and refurbished last year at a cost of £54,000.  At the time of the construction the land adjacent to the bridge was owned by the then Prime Minister Robert Peel (creator of the police force).  Reputedly he demanded the bridge design be something more unique than the standard canal footbridges.

Curdsworth Bottom Lock was the first of the day and don't you just love it when some boater decides the lock landing bollards make an excellent mooring location.  He was a friendly boater, telling Jan that the extra walk would be good exercise!

CRT are dredging between locks 9 and 10.  But not on the weekend. Probably why one of their boats is moored on this lock landing.

IMG_1058But they did have signs out apologising for the inconvenience.  I guess they have a problem with stolen mooring ropes and pins. 

By now it was just after 1pm and starting to get very cold so we took advantage of  the empty moorings outside the Dog and Doublet pub.  That solves the problem of tomorrows Sunday lunch!

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