Monday, 14 November 2016

Interesting church

A boat came up the lock behind us just on dusk.  The crew were intending to continue on up the flight in the dark until I mentioned the water problem.  Unlike us, they were working to a deadline needing to be at Norton Canes buy the end of today.  The crew did ask me if CRT had been notified about the low water level in the flight and I informed him we hadn’t done that.  From our perspective it’s not a problem we can’t resolve and as we’re not in a hurry I didn’t consider it sufficiently urgent to notify CRT on a weekend.

This morning the crew of the other boat informed me they had notified CRT and a crew was coming to help them up the flight.  Two other boats subsequently passed us going up the flight and this evening the water level in the pound we are moored in is quite high.  Hopefully we’ll have an easy run up the last10 locks tomorrow.

Lunch today was a buffet at The Boars Head.  The menu was a mixture of Indian, Chinese, Italian and English dishes.


It must have been a great meal as it’s been repeating on both of us all afternoon!Smile  Dinner tonight will be very light.

I took advantage of the fine weather and went for another local walk.  An interesting church steeple caught my eye.


Then I realised there was no sign of a cross.  Slightly puzzling until I came to the sign further along.


A rather ornate chimney!  Smile

I’d been wandering along looking at my surroundings but not paying much attention to the distance I covered.   It wasn’t until I noticed the mobile phone tower on the skyline behind me that I realised I’d walked well beyond the mooring.  It was whilst I was retracing my route that I noticed the stadium in the distance.  It appeared to be on the far side of the canal and I guessed it was another local football club.


Back at the boat I couldn’t find it on Google Earth.  Then I realised it wasn't on the other side of the canal.  It’s the Alexander Stadium, completed in 1976 and used for athletics.


Hoits said...

Hope you enjoyed the meal at the Boars Head. I have a family connection with the Crermatorium, which was one of the first municpal crematoriums in the country. My Grandfather was the first suprintendant at the Crermatorium, and my father had the strange distinction of being borh in the Lodge there.

Tom and Jan said...

Life can be full of coincidences! It's an interesting looking building.