Thursday, 17 November 2016

Early Christmas

Jan is getting rather reluctant to let me go to the supermarket on my own.  Actually sometimes things appear in the trolley which aren’t on the list.  “ A where did that come from?” moment occurred at the Lidl checkout.


Whilst this power drill screwdriver set has German writing all over it the point of manufacture is more likely China.  However the quality of the set is probably suitable for home handyman casual use.

Then a walk in the opposite direction led to Aldi and another couple of items not “on the list” entering the basket.  A set of plug cutters to make wooden plugs to cover recessed screw heads and some drill bits that have serrated shafts.  These can drill holes or the shaft used as a rasp.

IMG_1093I like shopping in supermarkets.  Smile


Quaysider said...

I've said this before (might be paraphrasing myself here) but you treat that woman WAY TOO WELL... you do realise you're setting the bar too high for most married men to compete don't you?

I can't wait to see what she uses this latest "gift" for! ;-)

Tom and Jan said...

I know. Every morning I have to pinch myself just to remind myself how luck she is to have me! :-)

Marilyn McDonald said...


what I struggle with is how the manufacturers of these items know that there are people like you out there who will immediately determine that they have been waiting for these things all their lives. Such clever people ...
Cheers, M

PS At least Xmas presents for you have already been bought and received, so no further searchings for Jan to do!

Mike Griffin said...

Those plug cutters are good, but for best (any) results you need to clamp the wood in a pillar drill, they don't work in low speed drills.
Hope that helps.
Mike Griffin

Tom and Jan said...

Marilyn, they are Jan's christmas presents. I will just borrow them from time to time! :-)

Mike, I'll mention to Jan that she needs a drill pedestal for her next birthday. Thanks