Thursday, 24 November 2016

Bumble Hole Walk

It’s been a cold and damp day so we only went for a short local walk.  One of the moored boats left this morning.


The chimney of Cobb’s Engine House can be seen on the skyline in the above photo.  It was constructed to pump water from the local underground mines which was then discharged into the canal.

British pubs often have interesting and unusual names, today we saw the most unique name we’ve seen to date.


On the way back to Waiouru Jan noticed a building on the opposite side of the canal.  Initially, we assumed from the shape that it was a church.  However there was no cross on the top of the gable, it had a chimney and the shape of the bell on the roof suggested it was a school.  But a school would usually have more windows?


After looking at the map I’ve identified it as St Peter, Darby End, Dudley.  It’s CofE and that’s about all the information I could find.


Kelvin and Rachael said...

You may be pleased to know that you and Jan are not the only ones in the cold and damp, the weather hasn't been much better here in Melbourne. A week off summer and it was in single numbers here overnight and not much warmer today.

Tom and Jan said...

But every Aussie knows Melbourne can have four seasons in a day. No surprises there! 😁