Saturday, 5 November 2016

Apple Pie

It’s been a quiet day as we didn’t leave the boat.  It was also milder and mostly dry which enabled me to apply the final coat to the starboard (right) handrail.


I’m hoping the masking tape will peel off tomorrow without any difficulty.  With a little luck there is enough paint left in the can for the port side.

Meanwhile Jan was in the galley baking an apple pie.


Later in the afternoon I spent an hour in the garden shed engine bay tiding up some of the wiring and doing a little cleaning.


Geoff and Mags said...

Hi both. The rail and the pie look very good!
On the laptop theme, my keyboard is still working OK, it's just that the characters have worn off most of the common keys! Giid jab I know where thay era!

Ade said...

Nice looking pie Jan bet it tasted rather nice to, oh and the painting isn't to bad either!
Happy Cruising.

Tom and Jan said...

Ade, you have such a silver tongue! :-)