Friday, 4 November 2016


There was no frost this morning but it was still cold. After breakfast and morning chores we headed towards the Ventura Retail Park at Tamworth will the intention of buying a new power cable for Jan’s iPad and some supplies from Sainsbury’s.  We had walked about a kilometre from the boat passing all the new car dealerships when a male approached us asking if we knew where Aldi was located.  Despite not being local, I knew the answer to that having walked there twice last Sunday.  I was able to inform him it was on the other side of Tamworth near the railway station.  He seemed puzzled and insisted he thought it was in the retail park.  I did reassure him that it was on the other side of Tamworth and that the only two supermarkets in the retail park were Sainsbury’s and Asda.  That’s when he told us “No,  I’m looking for Audi!”  Oops….  Fortunately we knew Audi was behind us, adjacent to the canal. Smile

Funny how after living on a boat for five years you don’t think of cars….

I need a mirror.  The mascara is in the wrong place and my lippy is crooked.  Obviously I’ve become too old to continue using the braille technique.  OK, time for the truth.  I want to check the electrical connections on the calorifier 240V immersion heater element.  The calorfier is located horizontally on the swim in the engine compartment. The problem is the heater element isn’t easily accessible for a one-eyed old bugger like me.  I’m simply not sufficiently flexible to simultaneously crouch, bend and turn my head to the left in order to see the connections.  My plan is to use a mirror.  That involved a trip to Poundland where they were selling the ugliest 6 inch mirrors I’ve ever seen.  Fortunately I don’t care how ugly the frame is because it’s going to be removed.  Now if it were to just brighten up a little I’d make a start on checking the element connection.  

Looking for a warm indoor job I decided to fix the laptop keyboard this afternoon.  My strategy was to remove the back panel and place a double layer of paper masking tape between the battery and the rear of the touch pad.  This acts as a packer and has resulted in the lower row of keys on the keypad being much firmer.  Now when I touch belt the keys they actually work. 

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