Friday, 14 October 2016

To Wheelock

The day was still forming when we left our Middlewich mooring.  At Wardle Lock we made our last descent until we reached Etruria.  At 47 metres the Wardle Canal is the shortest on the network and the turn to the right at Middlewich Junction proved interesting with a boat moored on one side of the triangle.  Kings Lock was against us, as was every lock today!


We were the first boat on the move this morning and by the time we’d exited Kings Lock the sun had appeared.  Unfortunately not for long!


The Duchess hotel boat and butty were breasted up above the lock.  No sign of life and no smell of bacon.  Must be a late start or maybe we are early movers!  A familiar ex bloggers boat was moored slightly further along.


By now we had some welcome sun on our backs


Refurbishment of the old pub near Rumps Lock is continuing. 


I think they may have changed the name.  The plaque states The Kinderton Arms and I think it was something different earlier this year.

The new sub-division at Booth Lane Middle Lock continues to expand.  Both of us wondered why it’s named Albion Lock.  There’s no lock of that name nearby.  Poetic license?


The canal from Sandback to Wheelock seemed to be very shallow.  We found it slow going arriving at Wheelock just before noon.  The water tank was topped up before moving around the corner onto the 48 hour moorings.  Only four moored boats, but that changed later in the afternoon.  Actually we were quite surprised by the number of boats that passed by during the afternoon.   Internet and TV coverage here is woeful and as a result we will be moving on tomorrow.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Albion = A word near the start of the alphabet so you appear near the top of a list for selling houses. Any connection with reality would be purely coincidental.

Lock = An attempt to connect with reality which makes it sound good.

Alf said...

Albion was the name of the chemical company that formerly occupied the site. Lock, as above !

Alf said...

The pub has always been the Kinderton Arms, being converted to a Thai restaurant according to local rumor. It failed as an Indian restaurant in it's last incarnation.

Tom and Jan said...

And here was me thinking Albion was England!

Tom and Jan said...

Lovely..... Buy a new home on an old chemical factory site!