Monday, 3 October 2016

The rain is lovely and warm for the time of year

I think it was a line from the Goon Show.  Anyway, it seemed a good idea to make the most of the morning rain and give the pram cover a scrub whilst it was wet and being continuously rinsed.

No point in getting my trousers or shoes wet so I stripped down to my Y fronts (boxers don’t give me that same sense of support) and donned the raincoat to venture out onto the cabin roof scrubbing brush in hand.  The strategy worked a treat with clean rainwater rinsing away the green water the scrubbing brush was creating.  

Thirty minutes later I was back inside having hung the raincoat inside the pram cover to dry. 

Short arms (I’m an evolved species) meant I could only reach the front half of the pram cover.  The back half will need to be collapsed for scrubbing on a dry day.

Meanwhile Jan has been researching methods for eliminating (or reducing) the return of the mould.  Apparently Oil of Cloves added to water works.  From Google

Put ½ teaspoon of 100% clove oil into a litre of water in a spray bottle. Spray onto the mouldy areas (patch test first to make sure it doesn't damage the surface) then leave for a few hours. Wipe off with a wet cloth to remove the mould (sometimes it may need a scrub with a brush to get rid of stubborn mould.

We wandered the short distance up the towpath to The Boat Inn for our Sunday lunch.


Plenty of vacant moorings at Gnosall Heath


It was starting to warm up but we decided to eat inside.  Jan opted for the beef whilst I had the lamb.


We each received a gravy boat and the meal was delicious.  I’m not sure if they have a new chef but she approached us twice to inquire whether we were satisfied.  Regrettably there was no spare room for a desert.

After lunch we waddled down to The Bakery which actually turned out to be a Premier mini supermarket which had a small selection of freshly baked products behind the counter.  Gluttony got to me and I bought a cherry pie.

SAMSUNGThe police weren’t there for me!

Later in the afternoon I decided to go for a local walk to shake the lunch down into my toes.  The Church of St Lawrence is in the centre of the village and dates back to Norman times, although you have to look hard to see some of the structure from that period. 


However it was the Gnosall Lock Up that I found more interesting.  I almost missed it when passing.


Built in 1820 and consisting of a single room with one door and no windows.  There was no ability for the occupant to be fed by his relatives.  Apparently the sole key holder lived in Stafford and would ride the 7 miles daily to check and feed the occupant.  By the 1950’s and 60’s the building had become a hen house.  In 1964 the lock up was in the way of a planned road widening project and rather than lose the structure the Gnosall Woman’s Institute raised funds to have it moved to its current location.


An interesting golden jubilee project!


Quaysider said...

It's probably too late and not very "environment friendly" but I bought a very aged saab convertible a while back which was covered in green mould. After scrubbing with johnsons baby bath (and a nail brush) I then repeated with dissolved Milton tablets ... left it for half an hour and then rinsed well before applying a coat of fabsil - I had the car for several more years and it never returned.

KevinTOO said...

You are quite right about the Goon Show reference, here's a link...

Are you sure the police weren't looking for you... 'The flasher of Gnosall' LOL

Jenny said...

Lunch looks yummy - just love those baby Yorkshire Puddings!

rigby said...

Having caught up on your 'drivel' from the beginning till now i have to say it has been most enjoyable and entertaining (the fact i've been bed bound for a couple of weeks had nothing to do with it).

What does strike me though is the amount of times you need to get down that weed hatch.. have you thought of getting some protection shuch as a shaft cutter [ ] or building a cage around the propeller (kind of like a shark cage for humans)?

my initial idea was a tube so it'd be like a mini bow thruster (but with pins/bolts along the top in case something does get in) but apparently a version of that has kind of been tried and wasn't that successful [ ].

Anyway thanks for the interesting read. Rigby

Catherine VK4GH said...

Oil of cloves as described works well for mould removal and prevention of return. I have used it for mould on ceilings in a house (in the tropics), and on painted surfaces on a boat. Better and longer lasting results than bleach.

Tom and Jan said...

I suspect they were supermarket puddings Jenny

Rigby I go down the weed hatch far more frequently than I need to. 80% of the time there is nothing there and for most of the other occasions it's just the odd piece of plastic. On only four occasions we've had something serious (suitcase, tracksuit, rubber fender, etc)

Catherine great to get confirmation that the method actually works.

Tom and Jan said...

KevinTOO it's possible. In which case they just missed me at the Bakery. Of course I wouldn't be recognised with my trousers on :-)

Darren Cozens said...

Hey tom when are you next on the K&A??

Tom and Jan said...

Hello Darren,

We covered the south last year so it is unlikely we will be returning in the near future. Hope everything is OK with you.