Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The hidden facilities & a test run

CRT must have recently erected a facilities sign beside the canal at Westport Lake near Stoke on Trent.


The showers, toilet and elsan are located under the Visitor Centre on the canal side.  There is an anonymous dark brown door underneath on the canal side.  Access is via a slightly overgrown path.  The standard waterways key opens the door. 


There are no rubbish disposal facilities.

We moved today to moor outside the Toby Carvery at the Festival Park Marina for a belated Sunday Roast lunch.  Well the carvery has a roast lunch every day except it costs £2 more on Sunday.  Afterwards we continued on to Etruria Junction managing to squeeze in immediately after the services mooring.

We still have a shudder coming through the tiller which meant another trip down the weed hatch.  I discovered the black wire (partner of yesterday’s red wire) wrapped around the shaft along with the remains of a couple of urban jellyfish.  Then it was back into the cabin to dry out.

Once settled, I started the Refleks stove for the first time since last winter.  We weren’t cold and it was more of a test run.  The one year old diesel ignited and the smoke detector immediately started shrieking as the boat briefly filled with the smell of burning dust. I had to cut the detector throat  remove the battery from the detector for a few minutes until things settled down.

The weather is far too unpredictable to attempt any exterior painting so we are reading instead.

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