Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Mostly boring

This morning Jan made a 3rd trip to Tesco whilst I walked to the Rugeley Re-cycling Centre with 10 litres of used engine oil.  I was hoping they would allow pedestrians to enter the site.  When I tried to dispose of the engine oil at the Plank Lane re-cycling centre earlier this year they wouldn’t allow pedestrians to enter.  Fortunately today I was able to enter without difficulty.

RugeleyBottom arrow is Tesco and the top arrow the re-cycling centre

On the way back I stopped at Screwfix for a couple of items.   The next service is due in 100 hours and I plan to stop at Tamworth where I can buy another 10 litres of oil from Halfords.  The manual states you can put any CF grade 15W/40 oil into the engine but I prefer to use a high grade oil in the hope it will extend the life of the engine.

After lunch I masked up more of the port handrail before rubbing it back and applying a first topcoat of alpha red.  Whilst doing this a passing pedestrian said “Hello” and then “Do you remember me?”  His face was very familiar but I couldn’t remember where we had last met.  He reminded me it was on the Thames last year.  It was John from nb SamSara, who occasionally reads the blog, and I think we met at Abingdon!


Halfie said...

Many people who know about such things recommend a low grade mineral oil - API CC - for many marine engines. Something to do with detergent? What does your engine maker suggest?

nine9feet said...

Hi Tom! Yes, it was at Abingdon we met last year. Your blog covers it! :-)
nb Samsara