Sunday, 16 October 2016

More Preventative Maintenance

Yesterday Jan and I masked up the port side cabin roof handrail from the bow to the Boatman’s Beam.  I then lightly sanded it paying particular attention to remove the paint lines where it had previously been patched.  It was then given a first topcoat of Craftmaster Alpha Red.  It rained this morning preventing me from applying the second coat.

This morning Jan decided the freezer should be defrosted and cleaned.  It was also a good opportunity to both check what was edible at the bottom of the freezer and it allowed me to remove the drawer for the first time since it was first installed.

I rather like the reliability of the Engel.  It’s capable of being either a fridge or freezer and will operate from 240V or 12V.  What I particularly like is the compressor motor which has very few moving parts and therefore likely to be less prone to failure.  After the freezer was cleaned, it was plugged into the bedroom 12V socket which enabled me to work on the freezer compartment.


The freezer is contained in a sliding drawer above the washing machine.  When I installed it I drilled a row of holes along the back allowing cool air from the compartment below to be drawn into the freezer motor.  Hot air rises and passes out through a vent into the wet locker where it dries and warms our outdoor clothing.  I also mounted the 12V power socket vertically so the freezer plug pushes down into the socket from the top.  This prevents it from falling out when the drawer is opened and closed.


The compartment was sanded and then given a first coat of satin varnish


Now for the not so good news.  Sunday lunch was a failure.  After reading mixed online reviews about the nearby Red Bull Pub we decided to walk to the other end of Kidsgrove and dine at The Plough Inn which had good reviews about their food.  It’s opposite Aldi and meant we could shop before returning to Waiouru.  We reached The Plough Inn only to discover they no longer serve food.  Undaunted, we noticed a pub further up the road with a sandwich board outside.  The sandwich board was a notice about the pub car park and the Crown & Thistle didn’t serve food.  Sunday lunch was a sandwich on the boat. Sad smile

After the light lunch I managed to lightly sand back the handrail and apply a final topcoat.  

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