Monday, 24 October 2016

More painting

Yet another twist in the dehumidifier tale.  This morning I converted It back to 240V.  We discussed the situation last night and recognized the potential risk to the domestic battery bank if we had it running on 12V.  We might forget it was on and damage the batteries.  As we only run the inverter when the engine is running there’s a minimal risk to the batteries if it runs on 240V.  So we’re back to where we started!

The plan was to have a Sunday roast lunch in the nearby Crown Hotel.  They do serve food but not a Sunday roast.  In the end we went to the small restaurant/cafe beside the canal at Haywood Lock.  It’s an attractive location and is usually very busy during the summer.  Today it was slightly chilly and all but one of the patrons was inside the small brick “barn”.

SAMSUNGWhilst the location was attractive Jan was decidedly unimpressed with her meal.  The “Aunt Bessies” roast spuds and Yorkshire pudding tasted like they had shared a refrigerated container with a group of Calais asylum seekers. Smile

It was sufficiently warm in the afternoon to prepare and get a first top coat of paint onto another section of the cabin starboard handrail.  We’re now used all the white spirits cleaning brushes so there will be a slight delay to the painting.

We’ve been slightly surprised by the number of boats on the move.  And then a passing boater mentioned school mid term holidays had started.

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