Saturday, 22 October 2016

More on the dehumidifier

After comments about yesterday’s failed effort converting the dehumidifier from Halfie, Don and Chas I decided to revisit the experiment.  Their encouragement made me rethink the situation and recognise it should be possible to operate the dehumidifier off the 12V system.  So why didn’t it work on my first attempt?  I discovered my error oversight today.  The fuse in the cigarette plug had too low a rating and had blown!  After soldering and reconnecting all the wiring I replaced the fuse and the dehumidifier now runs off the 12V DC boat system.


Yes, it is working.  The small green LED beside the switch is illuminated.


And I didn’t cheat.  It’s running off 12V


Thank you for the encouragement gentlemen.

It was quite cold and misty this morning.  I tested the cabin handrail temperature using Towpath Bill’s method (place hand on surface for 10 seconds, then remove.  If there is a hand mark on the paint it’s too cold to paint).  The surface wasn’t sufficiently warm until after lunch, but I did get the final coat on. 

We treated ourselves to lunch at The Poste of Stone (Wetherspoons).  It’s located in the old Stone Post Office (hence the name). 

Henry VIII established a postal service in England early in the 16th century.  As Stone was an important communications centre, it had a ‘poste’ in the town by around 1575.  It wasn’t until the middle of the following century that the sovereign’s royal post service was made available to the public as a paid service.  I doubt The Poste of Stone is the original poste office.  

Hunting around on the internet I discovered more about the movements of the post office in Stone.

The Post Office was originally located in the Crown Inn, on Crown Street. When mail was no longer carried by coach the Post Office moved to the building on High Street which is now Lloyd's Bank. By 1907 to had moved across the road to premises which are now part of the Co-operative supermarket. 

I subsequently found photos of postal workers receiving awards and certificates outside The Poste of Stone in 1952, so it appears this was one of the last locations.

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