Sunday, 9 October 2016

Jan’s Pleased

The last time we passed through Hack Green CRT contractors were rebuilding much of the bridge at the lower lock.  You can see the contrast in the colour of the brick in the following photo.

hack green

Jan is rather pleased as she has been able to buy two of Val Manning’s novels from the shop at Nantwich Marina.  Apparently Val is a boater and her books have a canal flavour.  Jan is hoping the books will be a reminder of where we’ve been and what she has seen during our life on board Waiouru.

val manning

We were eating chicken for dinner when our youngest son had us almost in stitches.  He mentioned his older brother loved eating the “Pope’s Tail” which he found too fatty.  We must have erred in his education. A subtle correction followed. “It’s the Parson’s Nose!”

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