Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Goldstone to Market Drayton

The new paint was on my mind this morning and so it was the first thing I check.  It was interesting to note how the overnight dew formed tiny droplets on the new paint, but combined to form large droplets on the old.


A wipe with a rag exposed the finish and I was pleased.  Bill’s Owatrol has made a significant difference.


The 3rd topcoat has been delayed due to the wind.  I don’t want anything blown onto the wet final coat.

We left our mooring at Goldstone Wharf around 9am and headed north through the long narrow section at Woodseaves cutting.  This is one of the locations where the canal builders struck granite.  Cutting through it proved to be difficult and expensive which resulted in the decision to reduce the width of the canal.


The last time we came this way the towpath was in very poor condition being waterlogged and muddy.  Moreover sections of the adjacent bank were starting to slide into the canal.  CRT have obviously been busy because the base of the bank is now reinforced with gabion baskets and compacted gravel has been laid on the surface of the towpath. 

P1030405There was a brief stop at the CRT facilities above Tyrley locks.  The water pressure was woeful but fortunately we had topped up yesterday. 

IMG_0969A boat had gone down ahead of us so we knew all the locks would be against us. At the fourth lock we assisted a single-hander coming up before heading down the the last lock. Jan was closing the bottom gates after me when I noticed a lady in a pink top with a dog appear at the last lock.  There was no boat so I assumed she was a dog walker.  Then the lady produced a windlass and proceeded to set the lock for me????

Jan walked down to the lock to discover it was Jennie walking Monty (nb Tentatrice).  Jennie and Monty had walked ahead, hence no boat in sight.  Eventually Chris appeared with Tentatrice.


If you follow their blog you will know they recently experienced some boat damage.  However I must say they have done such a good temporary repair I didn’t notice it.

P1030409I’m trying to remember where we last met.  I think it might have been on the Kennett & Avon when they were going east and we were going west.  This time we’re going north and they are going south.

We arrived in Market Drayton to find only three boats moored on the visitor moorings.  It’s the quietest we’ve ever seen here.  After lunch there was a trip to Lidl to top up the pantry before spending the remainder of the day relaxing knowing we have a number of locks to complete tomorrow.  

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