Saturday, 29 October 2016

Fradley to Tamworth

There is a SOLD sign on the canal cottage at Shadehouse Lock.  I think the cottage has been on the market for a considerable time and I wonder if the new owner knows how close the cottage is to the proposed route of the HS2 high speed train.

We didn’t stop at Fradley Junction.  Just slowed enough for Jan to take the obligatory photo of The Swan. We’ve eaten there twice and and on one of those occasions were weren't that impressed with the food.


Something new near Fradley Village.  Temporary pipes across the towpath are discharging water into the canal.


On the other side of the road adjacent to the canal was a partially obscured collection of large brick buildings with large pipes rising from the ground.


My assumption is this was a sewage works or a water pumping station.  However I can’t find the buildings in Google Maps or Google Earth?

At noon we moored opposite the boats at Streethay Wharf.  Where we received another two ‘westies’.   Both boats had attempted to wind (turn) in the wide are between the towpath side of the canal and the boats moored opposite.  We were minding our business inside the cabin when the first boat “T boned” us square on with his bow (no fender). Their bow missed one of Waiouru’s portholes by two inches.  The second boat misjudged their turn and proceeded to reverse back down the side of us banging against us as they did so.

For those who don’t know what a “westie” is then it’s an expression I picked up from Sarah’s blog(db Dolcie Blue).  The expression comes from the actions of actor and boater Timothy West who has been recorded hitting a number of boats, locks, bridges, etc and heard to say “It’s a contact sport!”  So any steerer who hits something he shouldn’t has done a “westie”.

The eastern end of the Litchfield Canal can be seen at Huddlesford Junction.


There is a proposal to restore the canal through to Ogley Junction on the BCN which would provide another route into Birmingham but I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime.  This end is currently an arm of moored boats.

P1030479Jan is enjoying the autumn colours. 

P1030481P1030483Not so pleasing is the effect of falling leaves in the canal at this time of the year. They cling to the propeller forming a ‘leaf ball’ which can reduce speed significantly.  Several bursts of reverse usually clears them. 

We reached the northern outskirts of Tamworth around 4.30pm finding plenty of vacant moorings.  A little retail therapy for Jan tomorrow whilst I shall visit Halfords to buy more engine oil. 


Jan Swatridge said...

Love the 'Westie' remark. Though we do have to credit them with our being in Ireland. After avoiding all their programmes after the first one we knew they were in Ireland and watched. After years of shall we ...shan't we.... Decision was made!

ditchcrawler said...

Looks like the water works to me, between the canal and the railway, short bit of piling with a farm gate. If you moor there you can walk up beside the waterworks and over the railway.

Tom and Jan said...

I wonder why water is being discharged into the canal?

ditchcrawler said...

CRT stoppage notice about it

"Notice Alert

Coventry CanalStarts At: Bridge 88, Brookhay BridgeEnds At: Access Point

Thursday 10 November 2016 08:00 until Friday 18 November 2016 17:00

Type: Advice Reason: 3rd Party Works

Original message: South Staffordshire Water will be removing the pump testing discharge apparatus from the canal towpath. The towpath will remain open with banks men on site to assist users through the works.