Tuesday, 1 November 2016


I subconsciously heard a buzzing sound whilst walking through Tamworth City Park. I initially thought it was the sound of a small remotely controlled model speedboat in the lake but then realised someone was operating a drone.


Sorry, I only had the phone camera.


It was a quadcopter (four blade)and I think it was a “DJI Phantom”.  It had an underslung gimbal mounted camera and the operator appeared to be filming his family from the air using Tamworth Castle as background.  I’ve developed an interest in drones since reading about Steve’s (nb AmyJo) experience with his new drone.  I envisage many leisure uses for a drone. 

Today we passed a boater flying yet another drone. This one sounded much louder which suggested to us it might have a combustion engine rather than being battery powered.  It was also significantly larger than the drone in the park.


At this time my drone research suggests the drone which best meets my criteria is the Xiaomi. I wonder if Jan would like one for her birthday?Smile

The laptop key board is playing up.  It started several months ago with the Spacebar being intermittent.  That has now spread to to the C and N keys.  I have a theory on how to fix the problem which I’ll explore tomorrow, time permitting.  Replacing the key board isn’t an option as it’s rather unique having Arabic script on the keys and a slightly different key layout.

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Naughty-Cal said...

A friend of ours has just bought a drone and is planning on bringing it to the Caledonian Canal with him next summer. So hopefully we should get some good footage of the two boats on Loch Ness.