Friday, 7 October 2016

Audlem and a boater meeting

We were the first boat down the flight this morning and anticipated meeting the first boat coming up around the halfway point.  To our pleasant surprise we met the first boat coming up at our second lock.  That meant all the locks were in our favour for the rest of the flight.

There is a brick building on the offside towards the lower end of the flight.  Some years ago a boater had informed us the building was a former stables to allow a change of horses for boats using the flight.

P1030414At the time I thought they were bloody clever horses being able to cross the lock to reach the stables.  Maybe they jumped?

Two years ago one of the CRT volunteers told us it was a former canal company maintenance workshop and housed a blacksmith and carpenter who were responsible for ensuring the lock gates and ironware were kept in good condition.  That made more sense!

Our passage down the flight took exactly two hours and we arrived outside Audlem Mill to have our pick of the moorings.

P1030415On our lonesome.  Must be time for a pumpout Smile

Jan went off to have a look at all the handicrafts in Audlem Mill before our lunch engagement.  We had arrange to meet John and Judith (nb Serena) in the Shroppie Fly.  Last time we were this way the Shroppie Fly was closed.  It’s now re-opened and has a good head chef.  IMG_0971

We lingered over a lazy lunch enjoying John & Judith’s company.  There was a year of catching up to be done.


It’s not hard to tell John had more than one pint! Smile

We have a meeting in Nantwich tomorrow and regrettably couldn’t stay the night in Audlem.

John & Judith kindly assisted us through the last three locks passing by nb Serena below the water point.


There are tentative plans for another boaters meeting during winter.

We finished the day moored at Hack Green near the Secret Bunker.  Or should I be mentioning that!


Judith Emery said...

Lovely to see you both, really enjoyed the catch up. After seeing you on your way we had a lazy afternoon. Will be good to see you over the winter. Enjoy Nantwich.
Judith and John

rigby said...

good to hear the weed hatch isn't that necessarily a visit (especially when delicate reverse is at hand).
i have an axiom (sp?) prop on my get list so that stays.

a note to jan on 'liberating' fruit and herbs from the cut an overseen food source under your hull is the american invader american signal crayfish.
probably the size of an average 'prawn' in OZ i imagine. not only are they tasty you'll be saving the local wildlife.
more notes here [ ] stoke up the barbie!

Tom and Jan said...


I'm not sure even I would eat something that lives in the canal water!