Monday, 10 October 2016

Almost Four Years

We are back in Nantwich close to where we had our first taste of living on a narrowboat courtesy of Peter & Margaret who kindly allowed us to live on nb Kelly Louise for several months back in 2011. 

We were joined by our youngest son who arrived by train from Manchester.  He “invited” me to walk with him to Crewe, telling me it’s only 2½ hours away.  We completed the round trip in 5 hours and that included some time wandering around the centre of Crewe.  I was a little sore after the walk and had a restless first half of the night (as Jan will attest to).  In the morning we discovered our son had blisters on both feet which really upset me.  I did offer to burst them before drying up the skin by applying white spirits to affected areas. This wasn’t particularly well received.  He limped off to the railway station after lunch.  Age and cunning once again triumphed over youth and enthusiasm.

It is almost four years since Waiouru was launched and the reason for having Nantwich as a destination was to have our first BSS inspection.  If a job is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well.  We wanted a Safety Examiner who gave us confidence that they had the necessary knowledge and integrity to conduct a thorough inspection.  That’s why we asked Mark of M and L Canal Services to conduct the inspection.  Mark spent the morning conducting the examination and as we anticipated, there were no issues.  During the examination Mark mentioned he would prefer to see the rear fuel tanks marked as ‘Diesel’ rather than fuel.


Whilst he continued with the examination I walked down to Nantwich chandlery and bought a couple of chrome labels which I subsequently cut down.


These were then fixed to the fuel tank caps with superglue.  (I knew there was a reason why I’d impulse purchased 12 tubes in the 99p shop a year ago).


Now we are good for another four years.


Unknown said...

Superglue does not withstand water very well.

Tom and Jan said...

I'll have to carefully watch it and if necessary, replace with construction adhesive.

Bristol Psv said...

I love that filler cap ... kinda spoilt by the stuck-on label but if that was the only "fault" found then "happy days"!

Tom and Jan said...

I think they are the best lockable fuel caps I've seen to date.