Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Kiwi’s, the lost afternoon and up to heaven

We met a Kiwi couple who narrowboat for seven months every year before returning to NZ. The boat is rented out during the five month period they are hibernating in Wellington.  They’re not the only antipodeans who have adopted this strategy.  However I don’t fancy their next 18 days because they have to get the boat to the bottom of the GU for their flight home.
P1030194The kiwi is the one sensibly clothed for the chilly conditionsSmile  
Yesterday we had a BBQ lunch with Jo & Keith (nb Hadar).
It must have been a good BBQ because we didn't finish until 7pm. Around 4.30 Gary (nb Muleless) said “Hello” when passing.  He and Della had come down the Hatton Flight and managed to moor in the Saltisford Arm without us noticing.   Later he and Della passed again on their way into Warwick for a meal. 
This morning Jan went off to the Trust office to settle our account.  Three days for £22 including the electricity we used.  We departed the arm at 10.15am.
P1030195On approaching the bottom lock of the Hatton Flight (Stairway to Heaven) we noticed a boat entering and sounded our horn in the hope they would wait for us.  They did!  With live-aboard locking partners who are well experienced with the flight we rocketed up the 21 locks in 2½ hours.  A record for us!
The obligatory photo looking back down the flight with the Church of St Mary, Warwick in the distance.  Not a good photo as it was wet and misty.
P1030196Shrewley Tunnel isn't long  (433 yards) but it was very wet inside.  No point in both of us getting wet so Jan went inside.
We turned to port(the left) at Kingswood Junction and then left again shortly thereafter onto the Stratford Upon Avon Canal.  By now we had been on the move for five hour and had missed lunch. Back onto skinny locks and the first seemed to take ages to fill after the ‘modern’ locks on the GU.
There was a good mooring in the pound below the lock and we decided to finish cruising for the day.  Plenty of hot water in the calorifier after all that cruising so we both had an early shower to warm us up.

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