Sunday, 11 September 2016

Stratford Upon Avon

I’m going to attempt to minimize any comments about William Shakespeare.  He was born in Stratford Upon Avon and upon his death in 1616 (aged 52) was interned here in Holy Trinity Church. 

I recall visiting the house where he was born during our visit in 1991.  I remember the guide telling us the only original part of the house were probably the flagstones on the kitchen floor!

Not surprisingly, Stratford’s primary source of income is tourism related with approximately 4.5 million visitors annually.  The emphasis on Shakespeare has somewhat overshadowed the towns historical importance as a transport hub (Roman Road, then canal and subsequently rail & road).  Wool from the adjacent Cotswolds was processed here before being transported to other destinations.  

Today was an opportunity to wander around and look at the more interesting architecture.


Holy Trinity Church


Apparently someone famous is interned up the far end which is why there was a crowd of tourists queuing to pay for a look.


If you were wealthy or sufficiently important, you attempted to get yourself interned as close to the altar as possible in the hope of a good place in heaven.  It must have been a good source of church revenue.

This is probably a close replication of the genuine Tudor building colours.  The black and white version apparently came into vogue during the Victoria era.



Apparently this is the Guildhall


The Mercure Hotel


I don’t know what this one is… but I like it!


This one claims to be the oldest pub in town having continually served ale since 1594.


The entrance arch and cobblestones looked interesting but then I read it was Tudor World, a commercial attraction in Sheep Street.  Back to wondering just how original it was!  Sheep Street has its name because it was the route through the town for all the sheep taken to be slaughtered down by the river.  It’s now the town restaurant belt.

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Ade said...

Hi Tom and Jan,
Many years since Karen and I were there enjoying seeing it again. I actually took my first narrowboat holiday there from Upton on Severn in about 1976 so fond memories of the River Avon.
Not sure you follow but if not just to say chances are you will be passing one another soon.
Great photos as always.