Saturday, 10 September 2016

Stratford Upon Avon

Our night moored below the Wilmcote flight proved to be very quiet.  We were one of six moored boats but we were on our own as the other five were ‘dumpers’.  This morning we departed just before 9am cruising a short distance to the water point at Bishopton.  The water pressure was very poor and it took almost an hour to fill our already ¾ full tank.  A timeshare boat of Aussies arrived from the opposite direction also seeking water.  However they decided not to wait as they wanted to reach the Anglo Welsh base at Wootton Wawen to see if they could get their tiller repaired.
Nothing like a wooden broom handle and some duct tape for making a temporary splint.
We went down the five locks and found a vacant finger mooring in the town basin.  Initial impressions are that this is a very pleasant and attractive location.
View from the river lock.
We had only settled for 15 minutes when there was the sound of a large number of drums, tambourines, cymbals and people chanting.  I raced into the bedroom and stripped the pale blue bottom sheet off the bed then wrapping it around me, artfully exposing one naked shoulder.  On the way to the stern I grabbed a bucket and windlass.  Beating the bottom of the bucket with the windlass I jumped from the stern chanting……..
“Krishna krishna hare hare krishna hare krishna hare hare ram ah”
It was a relief to discover I wasn't in the midst of Morris Dancers.
Thank heavens they have all gone to the other side of the river.
Jan heard the Indian festival will be running over the weekend!
On a more optimistic note, our neighbour appears to be a very thoughtful fellow.

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Judith Emery said...

Oh Tom I have such a vivid imagination when it comes to reading your blog I can actually picture your antics and I can barely write this for laughing. Never stop writing your blog it's a tonic for all who read it!
Judith nb Serena