Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Failed Escape

It wasn’t us that failed to escape but the tame horses near Stourport Locks.  They failed to pick a good route and ran up to a brick wall.


I suppose that was only fair.


I suppose I should stop being frivolous. Smile

The volunteer lock keeper was in fine form joking away with Jan.  I suspect it was part boredom because he told her it had not only been a quiet day but also a quiet season.  There were a gaggle of gongoozlers all waiting for me to make an error transiting the staircase locks but I disappointed them!


This is all very familiar to us having covered the same route last year. We stopped and had a very enjoyable late lunch at the Black Star.  Generous proportions and very tasty.  It’s also beside the canal. Why didn’t we eat here last time?


The Black Star

The last time we passed this way they were constructing the bank abutments for Hoobrook Link Bridge.  Now it’s complete and in use.


After passing under Falling Sands Bridge there was the sound of a steam whistle and we looked back to see the Flying Scotsman hauling a row of restored vintage carriages. By the time Jan grabbed the camera the engine was gone.


We had a brief stop in Kidderminster to restock the cupboards from the adjacent Tesco (Note: Aldi Kidderminister is currently closed for renovations) and then we continued on taking the usual photo at Kidderminister Lock.


This time Jan managed to take a photo of the two carved birds overlooking the canal on the eastern side of the town.


We’ve found ourselves a quiet rural mooring for the night.  No ’dot’ and only 20 terrestrial channels to choose from (did I really write that knowing how few channels there are in Oz!).  But we have the media tank with hundreds of recordings to watch so that won’t be an issue.

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