Monday, 15 August 2016

What happened there… and project part 2

I had a two hour round trip walk to Marton Junction (where the Ashby meets the Coventry Canal) to see if the car was still in the canal (it was).  One of the locals informed me the car had been pushed into the canal by local yobs.  Another told me CRT would leave the car in-situ for 7 days to allow the owner time to recover it.   I took numerous photos but when I transferred them to the laptop they disappeared (what happened there?).  We are going that way tomorrow so I might get a second chance.

A private boat was exiting Ashby and making a left turn towards Rugby.  Meanwhile a hire boat was in the blind spot coming from Rugby.  I called out to the hire boater advising there was a boat turning on the opposite side of the bridge and suggested she stop and wait.  Of course I was ignored and she entered the bridge hole to find a sunken car on one side and a boat facing her immediately ahead.  I then suggested she point her tiller arm towards me and avoid hitting the sunken car.  She (of course) did the opposite scrapping the boat down the side of the car.  She then stopped opposite in the far side of the bridge hole with the car to one side leaving the opposing boat nowhere to go. She seemed to think that the other boat was going to mysteriously disappear.  It was at this point I decided to disappear having realised there was no point in feeding strawberries to a donkey!

Project Part 2

I’ve completed the project and everything is working.  After installing the operating system on the Raspberry Pi (RPi) I had a slight issue with the wifi connection.  Eventually I realised I had the wrong IP Address.  With that solved I was able to install VNC Server on the RPi which then enabled me to manage the installation remotely from the laptop.  Then I had to configure the automatic recognition of the 128GB nano usb stick.  I used the guides from the HTPC Guides website <link here> to install and configure the other programs.Lazylibrarian was an issue, but I found an alternative source which worked. 

I purchased a small block of data from a UseNet provider for testing purposes and also obtained free search access from a UseNet Indexing website.  This enabled me to do some test downloading to confirm everything works (it does).  We only have phone internet access and are not going to risk using it downloading so I’ve made a backup image copy of the setup which is now stored on the laptop hard drive.  All the data on the RPi micro SD Card can now be erased and I can start on another project!  

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