Thursday, 1 September 2016

Some interesting boats

Both Jan and I remember reading a magazine article about the welder who constructed his own narrowboat and we subsequently passed the boat during a canal holiday in 2009.  We’ve now passed nb Sapphire a second time.  It’s an interesting and rather unique design.

P1030188Another interesting boat we’ve seen in this area over the past few years is this next one.

IMG_0574For sheer ‘bling’ this one takes first prize.

P1030191And if you’re looking for the bare necessities then it might be this one.


Pretty cool!  Smile

At one point it appeared we might be about to come under attack.  He certainly looked aggressive and was approaching at speed.  But he went right past us before we realized a competitor was rapidly making an exit along the towpath.


Yesterday we stopped for water opposite The Blue Lias.  It’s an attractive looking setting but for some reason we’ve never stopped to sample the wares.


I’ve managed to by some two pack epoxy block from Colecraft who are the local distributor.  At some stage Waiouru will come out of the water for hull inspection and we will take the opportunity to give her another coat of black.  We’ve broken ice during the last two winters and the epoxy wasn't scrapped off during either occasion so I’m rather impressed with the Hempel.

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