Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mines, buzzing and a reader

A very short cruise today with us stopping on the 48 hour moorings at Limekiln Bridge on the southern outskirts of Hinkley.  I walked most of this towpath yesterday evening and it was during this period I noticed the bridges had been built for a broad canal.


As we passed a line of moored boats during today’s cruise Jan noticed the mine in the water between a couple of them. 


Fortunately we didn’t hit it! Smile

We hadn’t been moored very long when we were buzzed by a yellow gyrocopter.  Not sure if the pilot was interested in us or the adjacent Limekiln pub?


Jan happened to notice a passing boat which she recognized.  In her excitement she failed to take a photo so there was a mad rush to grab the camera and dash to the stern for a distant photo.


Probably heading for a wash and polish appointment with Paul!

After lunch I walked into the Hinkley Sainsbury’s superstore for a few essentials before returning to the boat late in the afternoon where I decided to give the boat poles their final coat of paint.  Jan subsequently informed me I’d done it too late in the day; the paint wouldn’t dry; and the evening insects would stick to the wet paint.  I hate it when she is right!  But then she might not be right….

I had just finished cleaning up and was resting my back when there was a knock on the boat.  It was blog reader Caroline <?> (poor hearing and old age means I might have got that wrong as well).  She and Martin <?> (told you I was bad with names) were moored on the other side of the bridge in their new narrowboat (nb Sonia Louise) .  We had a very pleasant conversation which I continued later in the early evening when I went to record the exact location of the moorings on the gps. 

There’s something particularly nice about a new boat looking clean and fresh

P1030103P1030102An interesting square stern which apparently provides more room.  Sonia Louise was built by Bluewater Boats.

P1030101A very sociable looking stern layout.

It will probably be another short hop tomorrow and some further painting. 


Caroline and Martin said...

Lovely to meet you both, and you must be getting better with names, you got ours correct!

Tom and Jan said...

Thank you for introducing yourself and it's Jan who remembered you names! :-)