Monday, 8 August 2016

Had to chuckle!

Jan watched a boat coming towards our mooring It had.quite a bow wave and the wake was washing the banks.  There was no attempt to slow down as it passed by, but the most amusing thing about the incident were the two large signs on the boat either side of the front door “Tick Over Please”.

We topped up with water and then moved a short distance mooring for lunch just beyond Nutt’s Bridge in Hinckley.  Along the way we passed a small lake adjacent to the canal.  I’ve been unable to find out much about the lake except it has the Sea Cadet Unit TS Amazon on the NW corner.   I wonder if it was formed by mine subsidence or perhaps a former quarry?

P1030104Just beyond it was an old canal arm being used for moorings.  Regrettably I couldn’t find any history about the arm.

P1030105Hinckley was famous for making stockings which was done on hand operated looms until the middle of the 19th Century when steam powered looms were used.  Perhaps the arm is the remains of a wharf where coal would have been unloaded to power the steam engines?

I walked to Aldi for a few items before we had lunch.  Then we decided to move and find a quiet rural mooring.  It was on the northern outskirts of Hinckley that we noticed the large Triumph factory.

P1030108Triumph have been manufacturing motorbikes since 1902, although the original company went into receivership in 1984.  The new owner built a new factory in Hinckley and the company has grown substantially since then.  There are now three factories, one in Hinckley and two in Thailand.

Further along we went past a boat with a name that reminded me of my own condition.

IMG_0327Actually it’s not all bad news.  In the last decade I have grown at least four inches.  I hadn’t realised this until I noticed I’ve been growing up through my hair.  Some of it is now growing out my ears, nose and eyebrows.  If I continue to grow I’ll acquire a new fur coat but will have to buy a hat!

Another Beacon Boat spotted.  So many of them have very similar colour schemes.


At one point Beacon was 1st on our list of potential builders.  We were very impressed with the quality.  However they had a six year waiting list and we wanted to move faster than that.

We were near the Ashby Boat Company when we noticed a large solar farm to the east.  I did wonder if the output was being fed into the national grid or being used locally?


A window cleaners dream contract! Smile

We eventually moored near Dadlington with the intention of walking to the site of the Battle of Bosworth tomorrow.

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