Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Coventry parking

Time to move on and it was only a short move before reaching Marston Junction. 

An attractive view from Bridge No1 down to the junction.


We slowly entered the junction having first sounded our new horn.  Jan could immediately see the car.


It’s one of two in the local area currently being washed.  Or is parking at a premium in Coventry? Smile

I had completed the turn and was just approaching the bridge whilst carefully avoiding the car when a boat appeared from the opposite direction.  There was more room in the junction so we reversed to let him through.

P1030165We then manoeuvred around the car and headed towards Hawkesbury Junction where we found one of the water point moorings free.  A lady approached Jan during whilst we were waiting for the tank to fill.  She introduced herself as Janet, a blog reader.  Always nice to meet a blog reader and thank you for introducing yourself Janet. 

We couldn’t believe our luck when a boat moved off one of the 7day moorings immediately in front of the water point and we quickly grabbed the spot.  Shortly afterwards Janet and David passed by us on their boat (nb More) heading south.

P1030168In the afternoon I made two trips to the Tesco Extra near the Ricoh Arena.  We’ve cruised this stretch of canal several times and I’ve previously walked it at least three times, but this is the first time I’d noticed the canal cutting on the parapet of Longford Bridge.

P1030170It’s a map of the canal down to the town basin.  I wonder how many other boaters have failed to notice it.  Or am I the only idiot? Smile

Meanwhile back at Waiouru Jan was having her own excitement with a couple of locals using the towpath as a speedway.  There are numerous pedestrians around here so it wasn’t the smartest location.



Richard said...

Thanks for information re car parking! If it stays moored there for more than 14 days will it incur a penalty charge from CRT? Will be passing the junction tomorrow back up North-good ti see you last week! Stay well.


Tom and Jan said...

Richard I was too busy to look for any CRT £25 a day signs. At least you will miss the 2nd car if heading north.