Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Catching Up

Now back on Waiouru and obviously some catching up to be done.  Whilst I’ve been away Linda and Richard on nb Mary-H passed along with John & Diana on nb Molly Rose.  

Observation.  Linda I tried to add your blog address to our blog list but Blogger advises there is a problem with your url and it won’t update!





We stopped at Hillmorton to fill the water tank (one hour) and then went up through the three locks finding a well known boat moored above them.

P1030184Only time for a very brief conversation with Kev and I did point out their old boat Forevermore was moored two boats in front!

We stopped in Braunston for lunch and I also purchased more paint and a fender from the swindlers before we headed to Wigrams Turn passing nb Festina Lente.  The moorings at Flecknoe seemed to be very popular.  But then it was a Bank Holiday.

There were two boats ahead of us at Calcutt top lock and we appeared to be on our own.  Then a boat appeared from behind…… We were in luck….. except it was a returning Calcutt hire boat and only going through the top lock to return.  Oh well….. can’t win them all!  But as we were about to go through the second lock another boat appeared at the top lock, so we waited.  They were most grateful, but they were returning to their mooring in Calcutt marina so we only had a lock partner for locks 2 & 3. 

We finished the day just beyond the Two Boats pub at Long Itchington.

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