Thursday, 25 August 2016

Another canal

Well here I am looking out the window and on the far side of the car park is the railway station.  Between me and the station is what I had assumed was a large drain.  To my surprise boats were moving when I looked this morning.



I’m in Charlerio, Belgium and below me is the river portion of the Charleroi Canal which runs to Brussels.  There isn’t much to see in Charlerio except for the ‘ladies of the night’ operating on the street corner around from my hotel.  I went for an evening walk and was offered hashish so you get the picture. 

Today I drove to Brugge having read it was very attractive and had a network of canals/rivers.


OK, that’s the river bit!  There’s also some interesting architecture.


Apparently Brugge is famous for its muscles mussels, so I had to try a kilo in one of the local restaurants.

IMG_0443Then it was time to head back to my cheap hotel (and the girls:-)

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