Sunday, 7 August 2016

A quiet day

A change of plan meant we didn’t move today.  I’ve walked to both Sainsbury’s and Aldi to top up the essentials.  It was a longer walk to Sainsbury’s but Aldi involved a higher risk as the route was along the busy A5 and in places there was no footpath.


Our current mooring is down where the ‘P’ is in the bottom middle of the map.

Some of the locals came to visit and Jan wants to know the name of the black one with teal coloured feathers.


I’ve already told her it’s a duck…. and probably edible!  However she wants more information  My guess is mother was sleeping around!

Jan here….. I know the name of the black one…… it’s Bruce!

After lunch I got out the sandpaper and started preparing the water tank hatch cover and side hatches for painting.  They have already had a first sand and undercoat where required.  Whilst we were in Rugby I bought some Frogtape masking tape from Wickes.  I think I’ve erred in my judgement as it doesn’t seem to be very adhesive.  The “no name” blue tape from Halfords is doing a better job.

Once the side hatches were masked up they were given a coat of graphite grey topcoat. 


You can see some of the green coloured Frogtape below the hatch.

Then the water tank hatch received a topcoat.

IMG_0326I need to paint the rivet heads light grey but that will be done at the same time as I paint the deck around the hatch.

Oh, the other small job Is to repair one of the magnets that holds the sliding rear hatch cover open. 

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