Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A pause in the painting

Yesterday I spent time removing most of the fittings in the cockpit and masking up those I couldn’t. After looking at the area I decided not to paint all of it in one session as the area looks confined and I’m not as agile as I once was.  In the end I decided to paint the more difficult areas first which meant the port side and the cabin bulkhead  These areas were then cleaned before using the electric orbital sander and then hand sanding.  Afterwards the area to be painted was thoroughly cleaned.  I was just completing the last of the lower area on hands and knees when <twang> my lower back went <again>.  For several seconds I was paralysed with pain before managing to crab my way back inside the boat and collapse into a chair allowing the pain to subside to a dull ache.  It’s not the first time this has happened and I dare say it won’t be the last.  It will take several days to recover and we won’t be moving as I have the cockpit pulled apart ready for painting.  The weather for tomorrow (now today) was for heavy showers and I therefore decided to attempt to paint.  I did manage to paint the sanded areas (mostly on my knees) and it hasn’t turned out too bad <if I say so myself>.


Port side


Cabin bulkhead

Afterwards a cold cleansing ale went a small way towards alleviating the pain and then Jan supplied the suffering crew member with homemade pizza for dinner.  Later a hot shower further assisted.  Not a great night’s sleep and this morning I refitted all the fittings.  It’s partially completed in the above photo. 

At least the boat is back to a condition where it can be moved!  The starboard side and floor will have to wait until I feel better.

Yesterday evening Jan made bread dough and baked fresh bread for lunch today.  Nothing like the crust off the end of a hot loaf of bread covered with a slice of butter <yum>.   Wonder what happened to that heavy rain which was supposed to arrive during the night and stay all day.  Perhaps it got lost!


Ade said...

Looking good Tom, hope your back is back to 100% in short shrift.
We had your rain here in Somerset started about 11 this morning and still raining now.
Cheers for sharing

Marilyn McDonald said...

I feel your pain, Tom - I am coping with a very sore back myself after lifting heavy things (600mm garden pottery urn, concrete base of a sundial, boxes of china ...) into the car at David's mum's place and out of it again here at Waikanae. I knew it wasn't a good idea, but did I listen to myself? Nah ...

The osteopath has done a good job so far (and a follow up visit on Friday is scheduled), but sitting or standing at my laptop is a trial. And no one here thought to make me pizza or crusty bread. However a hotwater bottle and panadol to supplement the ibuprofen were delivered once I had been sent to bed for an afternoon of sick leave. I had better get better shortly as I am off back down to Hokitika on Monday and there's no tolerance for bad backs down there!

Cheers, Marilyn

Tom and Jan said...


I sometimes get given the hot water bottle but I don't take drugs. I do hope the weather is being kind to you on the West Coast. Lovely country but it doesn't half rain!

Jenny said...

Oh dear Tom, do hope that your back is slowly getting better. Unfortunately, as we get older, these mishaps seem to become quite a trial. As you say, we are not as agile as we once were!

Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

Tom and Jan said...

Too much sleeping directly on cold, wet and hard ground in my early years probably didn't help Jenny 😊

Neil Corbett said...

We went to see the Tom Hanks film, Hologram for a King, today. It made me think of your Sandy Tales blog! A blog I really enjoyed reading, I was sad when you came home - bet you weren't!!
Kath (nb Herbie)

Tom and Jan said...

It wasn't so bad.... for a male. All the black letterboxes walking around could be confusing 😂