Friday, 8 July 2016

The flue and the invitation

A very successful visit to the UK distributor of Lockgate diesel stoves this morning.  The visit was very timely as the stove prices will be rising shortly.  The stoves are made in Holland and the distributor has to pay in Euros.  The recent slight drop in the £ – € exchange rate means his next re-order will be more expensive.  Another piece of good news was the long and short stainless steel flue sections are the same price so I opted to buy two long sections rather than one of each. This will extend the length of the flue creating a stronger draught when the stove is on our usual low settling.  Another tip was to just put the cap on the top of the cabin when cruising but ensure the stove is also turned up as this will increase the draught.  Finally, he very kindly showed me how to disassemble and clean the diesel regulator.  We haven’t had to do this but it’s handy to know how to disassemble and clean.

Our second lock for the day was Weston Lock and we stopped above it to top up the water tank.  Although we last cruised this way in 2013 neither of us remember much of the scenery.  Although Jan was certain she remembered the ‘twin towers’ in this next photo.


At Swarkstone Lock we met two boats descending.  I started to remember about the lock realising there was water and rubbish facilities above.


Yesterday reader KevinTOO left a comment inviting us to turn right above the lock and travel up the Derby Canal to join him for a drink.  I did consider taking KevinTOO up on his offer but judging by the number of boats waiting to cruise up the canal it appears everyone had heard about the free drinks!

IMG_0185 Looking back with the Derby Canal to the left and Swarkstone Lock on the right

Jan didn’t board Waiouru after the lock, opting instead to walk forward to the rubbish point.  I remember this location very well.


It was here in the “narrows” that we got the soft vinyl suitcase wrapped around the prop.  Cutting away the vinyl wasn’t nearly as difficult as removing the hi-tensile wire frame.

The sun put In an appearance some 30 minutes later and shortly thereafter we passed some locals sunbathing.


There’s another of those Trent Valley electric power stations to the south of the canal but I can’t find it on the map!  It doesn’t appear to be far from the canal and River Trent.  Decommissioned???


We finished cruising above Stenson Lock where there was a volunteer lockie to assist.  He informed us this was the deepest and fiercest lock on this part of the network and after a few hire boaters had experienced problems CRT had started manning It.    I managed to get a second application of undercoat onto the cratch floor before going out for a lazy evening walk passing the entrance to Mercia Marina.



Trudy Ann said...

Hi Tom

That will be Willington power station. I believe the works have been sold to the Chinese and the cooling towers objected to on construction are now heralded as a land mark.
Shame you didn't turn up the Soar - would have been nice to see you again.

Dave & Karen

KevinTOO said...

Oh dear, I've missed you again... anyone would think you are trying to avoid me... LOL

Here's an 'interesting' link to the long disused Willington power stations...

Tom and Jan said...

Well you did try to send me up a dry canal 😂