Monday, 18 July 2016


The campanologists have been busy here over the last two days. For those readers who don’t know what a campanologist does I can inform you they study the design and use of camping grounds.  OK, so I’m pulling your leg!  Campanologists ring bells!  The Polesworth campanologists have been very busy with a wedding practice yesterday morning followed by the actual wedding ceremony after lunch.  This morning it was the Sunday church service.  All this bell ringing is coming from Polesworth Abbey.


Sorry…. phone photos today!

The Abbey was founded in the 9th Century, although very little of the original structure remains.  The abbey church dates back to the 12th Century and is Grade II listed.  The gatehouse is probably more interesting.  It’s also Grade II listed and is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument.



I liked the gatehouse stone arch footpath.  The gatehouse has been restored and the area above converted to rental accommodation.


Polesworth is on the River Anker and apparently the name is derived from the ancient Saxon words for pool and dwellings.  The river became shallow and wide here forming a fordable pool which led to the location being settled.

We had our usual Sunday roast lunch at the Red Lion which has had a change of publican.  We know this because they couldn’t accept cards (cash only) because the ‘new’ system hadn’t been installed.

20160716_132936The meal was OK (5/10). 

We wandered back to Waiouru over the main bridge.

20160716_132153I have completed the painting of the cratch area but have made a right pigs ear of the front panel on the bow thruster locker.  I know what I did wrong!  I was down to the dregs in the tin and raced it.  What I should have done is either added some Owotrol or waited until we had a new tin of paint.  Now it will have to be rubbed back. Sad smile


nb Achernar said...

I hope the chap fishing in your picture had more luck than me today. We are moored about a mile ahead of you and I didn't get a nibble all day.

Tom and Jan said...

He stopped fishing and started playing with a young lady. But it looks like he missed out on a nibble there as well.