Thursday, 7 July 2016

Nottingham to Shadlow

A change in plan will see us head along the Trent & Mersey Canal rather than up the River Soar.  Jan had an early trip to Sainsbury’s for her weekly magazines and we subsequently left our pleasant Nottingham mooring just after 9am. 

20 minutes later we passed the dry dock at Trevithick’s Boatyard.  I think this is actually the start of the now abandoned Nottingham Canal which used to run up to Langley Mill.  I recall seeing the other end of the canal at Langley Mill three years ago (how time flies).


A solo boater pulled out in front of us just before Beeston Lock which leads back onto the River Trent.  I suspect he thought we’d share the lock and Jan would do all the work, however we needed to stop for water!  It was a slow fill.  Nan & pop had their grandson for the day and were showing him us going through the lock.  Nan commented “You’re not from here!”  To which I replied “We’ve come from Lincoln!”  Separately Pop had said to Jan “You’re from down south!” To which Jan replied “Bournemouth!”  Eventually I decided there was little point in teasing Nan and told her the clue was in the name of the boat.  She said “Australia!” “Try again.” “South Africa!” “Give it a 3rd try” “New Zealand!”

Waiouru enjoyed the depth of the water and we ploughed upstream to Cranfleet Lock.  Neither of us knew whether the lock was electric or manual but it’s definitely self-service.  From a distance there seemed to be a large number of people in blue tops wearing orange life jackets milling around the sides of the lock.  Jan went forward and discovered a CRT working bee in progress. 

IMG_0172Builders crack before lunch…. <shudder>  Smile

Back on vaguely familiar water when we reached Trent Junction.  Yes, we both remember the Erewash Canal from our 2013 trip up to Langley Mill.


The 2000MW coal fired Ratcliffe Power station is now behind us.  Whilst it’s located in the Trent Valley it’s actually located on the River Soar.


Sawley Locks are paired and I made the mistake erred in my judgement dropping Jan off on the left bank which meant she had to scramble over the lock gates to reach the control box.


Its been some time since we added any ‘go juice’ to the tank and the idea was to stop at the self-service pump at Sawley Marina.  Look at the price.

IMG_0177To be fair there is a sign stating boaters can go to the marina office for a self declaration.  Needless to say we didn’t fill the tank but took enough to keep going. 

Fortune smiled on us at Derwent Mouth Lock as the lock was in our favour, plus a boat was coming down and the crew worked the lock for us.  A lack of vacant moorings in Shadlow meant we moored above Shardlow Lock.  After a late lunch I walked back to the Lockgate Stove Distributor to inquire about a new flue only to discover they were closed (hours are 9.30 – 1.30 M-F).

Back at Waiouru I gave the tiller arm and anchor post a light sanding before applying another coat of graphite grey paint.  It doesn’t look pretty, but I think I might be getting better.


Hopefully some of the uneven paint will flatten out over the next couple of weeks.

The 3 Mobile Network coverage here is woeful (very weak) and we’ll be moving as soon as I return from the Lockgate Distributor.


KevinTOO said...

Welcome to South Derbyshire Tom & Jan :)

Please feel free to turn right onto the Derby Canal @ Swarkestone Lock then when you reach Shelton Lock give me a shout an I'll buy you a drink... LOL


Tom and Jan said...

Why do I have this feeling my leg is being pulled and the free beer is going to be difficult to obtain!