Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Murders most foul

As usual, Jan was first up this morning and was about to start her usual early routine when there was a terrible racket from the far side of the canal.  She looked out the side hatch to see the two coutts she has been feeding for the last two days in a great deal of distress.  One of their three young chicks had disappeared and they were frantically trying to find it.  Eventually the noise died down, but around 10am it recommenced.  A second chick had been taken.    I took a long range  photo of the last chick, which subsequently turned out to be blurred.  But then I’ve never claimed to be a good photographer.


Mum & dad have now redoubled their efforts to protect this last chick.

In the morning Daniel went into the city to visit the bank.  Later on he met Jan who had decided to walk Into the city to have a look around all the shops.. Daniel then treated her to lunch at a French restaurant.  Meanwhile I was back on Waiouru sanding and removing spots rust on the cratch floor.  Then the tiller arm and anchor post were sanded and given a coat of primer.  My lunch was the end of a stale baguette <sob>.    On a more positive note; there was a freshly baked chocolate cake in the pantry. <yeh>

One cratch window frame needs a final topcoat and that job will be done.  You might be able to noticed the difference in colour between the window frames and the main cratch board in this next photo.

IMG_0168Obviously the original paint has faded.  I’m thinking T-Cut might remove the faded paint.  The painting will continue tomorrow <I hate painting>.  Reminder to myself……I still have to replace the temporary horn

This evening a boat moored behind us and the owner (Simon?) mentioned he reads our blog.  I’m going to have to make it more interesting!

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