Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More water hasn’t improved the depth

Time to move on… but not before a trip to Aldi for the essentials (chocolate).  The day was dull with a possibility of rain.  Despite this we decided to move heading east towards Alrewas.  After months of those heavy gates on fat locks Jan is finding the gates on the skinny locks much easier.  Of course the drizzle set in 15 minutes after starting to move.  Jan donned her full wet weather kit whilst I opted for the light raincoat.  It almost started to ease by the time we reached Tatenhill Lock.  Don’t be deceived by this next photo; I digitally enhanced it to make the day look better.

Tatenhill LockWe started to round the last bend before Barton Turn Lock to discover CRT were dredging.  Our timing was perfect because the excavator operator had just filled one hopper which was being propelled away from us by a tug.  He waved to us to go past and then continued dredging.  We had both commented that the bottom seemed close to the top so it’s good to see CRT rectifying the situation.   A boat was cunningly moored just before the water point moorings.  His hose is long enough to reach the tap without him mooring on the “official” mooring.  You can see the dredging operation under the bridge in the distance.

IMG_0202It took ages to top up the water tank but we weren’t concerned because we knew the tug was ahead a moving slowly.  Actually there were two tugs moving the tailings.  The second came down the lock just as the tank filled.

IMG_0203We went up through the lock in the rain passing Barton Marina on the right.  Another dark photo which I’ve had to enhance.

IMG_0204We met the other tug and barge just before Wychnor Lock.  It was here the second excavator was moving the dredging spoil and loading It Into a farmers trailer.  I guess the farmer is happy to obtain some free nutrient rich landfill.

IMG_0205The pound between Wychnor and Alrewas locks is actually the River Trent and attention needs to be paid to the river level boards.  Despite the rain they were showing green but the strength of the current was noticeable.  It was raining too heavily for photos and by the time we had gone up through Alrewas Lock and off the river we were ready to moor.  Jan started the central heater to warm the cabin and eventually we found a vacant mooring just before Bagnall Lock. 

It was a pleasure to get inside and warm up.

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