Sunday, 24 July 2016

More blog readers

Oops… I’d forgotten the photo Jan took of nb Derwent 6 going past at Brownsover.  But doesn’t she look great for a boat that has never been washed.


This morning we left our mooring beside Rugby Golf Course but not before a blog reader passing by on nb Lunas called out to Jan mentioning she was from Adelaide, South Australia.

P1030075The water pressure at Hillmorton isn’t getting any better.  It Is like waiting for an old man to vacant the cubicle. Smile

The tank was ¾ full but it still took almost an hour before we could head up the set of three locks.  There was a volunteer lock keeper on at the bottom lock and he had his work cut out explaining to the the first day hirers how to ascend.  He’d also been to NZ and was asking us about air force base closures.

IMG_0280This is all very familiar territory and we quickly went up the three locks heading south towards Braunston.  A very slow Black Prince hire boat crew kindly moved over and allowed us to pass them on Barby Straight.  

Barby Marina is starting to look fuller these days and we both noticed there were now more finger moorings.


The plan was to moor at Onley but these quiet rural moorings are currently very busy with the sound of heavy earth moving equipment on the other side of the hedge.  Prison expansion?

We continued on eventually mooring at the beginning of the last long straight before Braunston.  We could have continued into Braunston but that meant arriving around 2pm and being a Saturday it was probably going to be full of hire boats.  We’ll go in tomorrow morning around 10am and hopefully find a mooring.


Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Tom.
Earthworks for the new marina at Olney!
Yes, another!
How long are you staying in Braunston? We'll be there on Monday, just overnight.

Adam said...

Barby Pools Marina.

Tom and Jan said...

Oh, another new marina. That will help to keep mooring prices down!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Geoff

Just found your comment n our email spam folder. Something about your address not being authentic.

We will be in Braunston on Monday. Currently moored just before the Gongoozlers Rest.