Thursday, 28 July 2016

Mixed Day

We awoke to find it had rained during the night.  The sky was covered in ominous dark clouds and there was a damp feeling in the air.  Obviously thoughts of continuing with the exterior painting were suspended.  It then rained before fining up around mid morning so I decided to walk to the Sainsbury’s at Hillmorton for Jan’s weekly magazines.  A mistake as it started to rain on the return leg.  I arrived back on Waiouru damp and sweaty.  I hung my tshirt  In the cratch to dry out.

The sun decided to put in an appearance mid afternoon and I decided to gamble on the conditions getting a second undercoat onto the new boat pole.  Meanwhile Jan had busied herself cleaning the galley.  I’ve noticed one of the knobs on the shower mixing valve is slightly loose so that’s another small tasks which can be done.

Boats have been passing; some at rather high speed.  Not all of them are hire boats!  Yesterday I configured a spring mooring at the stern which has been very effective at limiting any movement from boats. 

We managed to get some good results from the solar panels despite the periods of rain and cloud.  Whilst the solar didn’t charge the domestic batteries it did provide sufficient power to match our consumption. 

So it’s been a rather quiet day!


Ade said...

Hi Tom & Jan,
The British summer eh always changeable!
Now is "fining up around mid morning" a down under term or did you mean brightening up?.
Have you spotted the stolen narrowboat allegedly in you ares see here runs to 10 pages now, I do hope the couple manage to recover it.
Cheers for sharing

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade,

Yes and down-under term for brightening.

Been looking for the boat without success